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Let’s face it, you become a professional photographer because you enjoy capturing art through the lens.  Shooting is what you do.  Selling your art is often something that you must do to stay in business, but enjoying it??   Not so much!  To help you in the heat of the moment, we have a handy job-aide to help sell print products:  Just remember


  • S” – is for Security:  Selling prints and educating your clients about the benefits of printing their memories offers excellent security and peace of mind for them to safeguard and relive their favorite moments.  Prints are the best backup storage plan for their favorite memories.   
  • A” – is for Advice:  Become your client’s trusted advisor. Help them navigate through their purchase choices to make informed decisions. Often there are so many images for them to choose from, let alone to figure out what products to purchase.  They need your help!  You are the professional who knows what products are popular, what products best compliment an image, and you know how to help them best commemorate their event.  Clients enjoy professional advice and want to learn from you.
  • L” – is for Lifetime:  Unlike digital products, printed photos are tangible, physical prints used to display and relive moments at their best and offer protection and preservation for a lifetime.  Generations from now will appreciate the captured moment in time.
  • E” – is for Enjoyment:  Often digital files fall into the abyss with all the other images that are often hard to find and enjoy.  Prints provide tremendous enjoyment as we reflect and relive the story that unfolded that special day. After all, Isn’t that what professional photography is all about?

That’s S-A-L-E: Security – Advice – Lifetime – Enjoyment.  Address each of these needs for your clients and profit from the success of your SALE! 

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