Don’t Sell Prints!

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“Wait a minute, don’t sell prints?” “How can that be?”, you ask. When in reality, it’s part of a great sales strategy to help your clients. Here’s why.

People are becoming more and more averse to “stuff”; they view prints as clutter – possessions they are responsible for.  Some even consider prints to be an inconvenience.  This is very true with many of today’s clients who have grown up with ‘digital only’ files and have little experience or exposure with print products.

If you were to ask your clients, “Do you want Prints?”  I am willing to bet many will say No!  But ask these same people if they want to have these memories to reflect upon 10 years from now and 20 years from now, to share with their children and their children’s children?  The answer is an overwhelming Yes!  After all, that’s why they hired you!  It’s an important occasion they wish to not just capture but to remember and relive again and again.

Help your clients understand that:

cell phones get lost

hard drives crash

clouds drift off

Device and drives are not proven forms of preserving memories. 

Printing photos is the only time tested, proven method to preserve memories and to keep them looking their best.

Instead of selling prints, start selling memories! Explain to them the risks of digital storage and the peace of mind and security that prints offer.  They become family heirlooms to be enjoyed for generations.

Yes – clients should ask for the digital files to share with their family and friends but for their most treasured moments, help them understand that prints are what makes memories truly last!

So stop selling prints – and start selling memories!  Get your clients thinking about the future and how important storytelling is.  Position your sales pitch towards memories, storytelling, and reliving their memories again and again. And watch your sales soar!

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