AI and Photo Culling

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Technology helps us push the edge of processes and workflows, resulting in efficient, modern-day, and winning results. We put our Kodak Professional imaging science and proprietary artificial intelligence to work for professional photographers around the world, helping them improve post-production processes while retaining complete creative control. Learn more about our auto-culling software Kodak Professional Select that takes photo selection hours down to minutes.

But do all Ai culling products accomplish the same thing? Do all photo culling applications using Ai really save photographers time in their culling and photo selection portions of their post-process workflows? Let’s explore further.

“Artificial Intelligence” is defined as the theory and development of computer systems able to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence.

Oxford Dictionary

By that definition, even the auto-spell functionality for texting on our cell phones is considered as ‘powered by Ai’.  Whenever Ai is involved, it requires a closer look to understand just exactly what is being accomplished. 

Within culling applications designed for professional photographers, the simplest form of Ai – the auto-spell equivalent if you will – identifies aesthetic qualities within an image, such as blinks, smiles, misfires, and faces. Commonly, Ai culling applications will ONLY and EXCLUSIVELY perform these types of aesthetic quality checks and leave the rest – the image selection, duplicate photo comparison, and event representation up to the manual task of the photographer.

But how many of your images fall into those categories? Certainly enough to warrant assistance. Yet, after those types of images have been identified and removed, you still have the overwhelming majority of images that now ALSO need to be culled. Ugh! 

Let’s work with an example just to put some perspective on this.  Assume you shot 3,000 images at an event.  Let’s also assume 10% of those (that’s pretty high!) fall into the blinks, misfires, and poor facial expressions.  That leaves 2700 images to deal with. 

Going forward in your post-production workflow with 2700 images is far too many for editing.  Providing 2700 “good” images to your client is way too many for them as well! You have surely heard the saying that too many choices is no choice at all.  So logically speaking, 2700 images is far too many!

The burden remains with you to further cull these images and narrow down the number to something more manageable for you and your client.  This is why we’ve innovated our Kodak Professional Select solution. And the solution is differentiated from other Ai Culling solutions in the market with our layered image science and algorithms added to the Ai mix from auto image selection (based on cumulative image scoring across aesthetic and technically attributes), duplicate photo comparisons, and complete event representation.

We push the application edge of Ai further to provide a technical evaluation of each image based on our extensive imaging science knowledge for color, focus, brightness, exposure, contrast, and sharpness.

Aesthetic AND technical evaluation to both cull AND select the number of images of your choosing is what makes Select stand apart from all other competitors.  Try it for yourself to see the difference. 

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