You Have Choices

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There are many choices of print products to offer your clients such as Press, Ink Jet, and true photographic paper (sometimes called silver halide) products.  But which is best? The good news is there’s a place for each in your sales portfolio!

Your clients look to you for guidance and advice on the best ways to commemorate their special events and occasions. As a professional photographer, it’s important to help your clients understand how the right product can be used for the right application:

  • Press products are often used for transient applications, especially those two-sided items, such as cards, invitations, and calendars.  Items that are consumed and then discarded.
  • Inkjet products are often used for in-studio proofing and large format products, offering a variety of surfaces that may need to be swapped out over time as they fade.
  • True Photo Paper should be used when image quality and image permanence are most important.  As a pro photographer, you’re capturing the very special moments in your client’s life.  They expect to look their best and they want their prints to last!  Prints on True Photo Paper are the best application for quality and preservation of your client’s precious memories.  After all, you are creating heirlooms, which are meant to last a lifetime and beyond. 

Become familiar with the products and related print technologies offered by your pro lab and be sure you are aligning the proper technology for the intended use of the product.   Your pro lab is a great resource to help guide you so you can help guide your clients!

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