Culling vs. Selecting

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Often we hear from photographers about the anguish associated with “Culling”; the act of going through hundreds to thousands of photos, reviewing each image before moving forward to editing.  But really, you are doing much more than just culling the images. 

Culling is the process of weeding out the not-so-desirable shots such as the misfires, blinks, poor facial expressions, etc.  Certainly the minority of the images you capture but still need to be culled from the bunch.  Now you are left with a large number of images that you must decide what to do with. Here are some considerations.

  • Do you take them all forward into editing? Not really a great idea.  It would require an inordinate amount of time to edit all of those images when the client has not even seen them yet.
  • Do you present the entire bunch of culled images to your client?  Also not an ideal solution because your client won’t know what to do with so many.  Sure they ‘say’ they would like to see them all but we know how this turns out. Too much cripples the decision making and buying processes. Having too many choices is no choice at all.  Memory preservation and print sales is the ultimate business goal and you want to make it as easy as possible for your clients to make purchase decisions. 
  • Do you make selections yourself to help narrow down the number of images presented to your client?  This is the best solution but still, if done manually, is very time-consuming.  The benefit of this approach is that you have helped clarify the story that unfolded that day for your client. You’ve eliminated many near-duplicate images and selected those that you feel have the best facial expressions, composition, and convey the emotion of the day.  In effect, you’ve made the choices easier for your client, which results in higher sales!

Making selections takes culling to the next level.  It completes the process from cull to select to present. And by presenting your clients with a manageable number of images that beautifully tell their story, you live up to the expectation of the trusted, professional advisor.

Several product offerings from different vendors are entering the market to help you cull, all using Artificial Intelligence (Ai) to assist with the task. It is relatively easy to apply Ai to identify aesthetic defects within images (eyes closed, poor smiles, faces not centered, etc.) to cull them but your post-process requires much more than that. You ultimately need a solution that both culls your images and then selects the best for you. 

That describes the essence of Kodak Professional Select.  Our solution solves the pain point completely.  Not just the culling aspect but the selection of the best images with total control in your hands!  Ai can never replicate your own personal preference but if it can predict 80% of the images you would select, then, Wow! That’s huge time savings for you getting you back to what’s important! 

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