Culling should be fun, right?

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You are probably thinking that using the words ‘culling’ and ‘fun’ in the same sentence is NOT very fitting!

Well, we at Kodak Professional are on a mission to make culling fun (or at a minimum…way, way less painful!)

When it comes to the task of culling we’ve heard pros tell us it’s “painful”, “tedious”, “tiring”, “boring”, “worst part of the whole job”, “a necessary evil”, “crippling to my business”, “fatiguing”, “brainless”, and more! Can you relate? It’s not that culling is difficult but, rather, it’s just so darn time-consuming! And that’s time spent away from what creates a successful photography business; engaging with clients and shooting events.

Several years ago a photographer said to us, “There has to be a better way and you are Kodak Professional so you must have something that can help with my culling!” And because we are in the business of helping photographers succeed, by removing pain points, we went to work of combining our heritage of imaging science with Artificial Intelligence (Ai), and Kodak Professional Select was born! Here’s all the way Select can help.

  1. Auto Group Duplicates

When shooting an event, you take multiple images (oftentimes from multiple cameras) to be sure optimal facial expressions and compositions are captured.  Select not only groups near-duplicate images into unique sets but chooses (selects) the images that are deemed ‘best’ based on an overall score across many different technical and aesthetic image criteria.

Select’s near-duplicate groupings also make the culling process much more manageable.  For example, assume you shot 3,000 images during an event.  Select will process the 3,000 images and present you with sets of unique images by combining duplicate images into discrete sets.  In this case, Select may return 800 unique image sets.  All 3,000 images are available but conveniently and efficiently grouped together. So, instead of culling 3,000 images, you are starting with 800.  This alone is a huge time saver. And, there’s more!

  1. Eliminate misfires and less desirable shots

Every shoot has its “bad” images.  These could be misfires, test shots, poor facial expressions, eyes closed, blurry images, etc.  If you were performing manual culling, this may be the first pass in the culling process; looking at each and every image to eliminate those that are considered bad.  Here is where Select’s Ai can help again to save time.  Ai will zero in on the eyes, smiles, exposure, focus, color, contrast, and more evaluating each image to automatically cull those images from the good shots.  The ‘bad’ images remain in the application (they are not deleted) but they are conveniently part of the ‘unselected’ bunch.

  1. Choose the best images from across the event to tell the whole story

Now comes the fun part; selecting the best images from across the event to tell the complete story.  Select’s unique Kodak Professional algorithms automatically go to work for you ensuring that the entire event is represented in its image selection recommendations. As always, you have the final say! Do you offer your clients a ‘sneak peak?’ If so, you can use Select to pick a desired number of images for your sneak peek gallery, say 25 photos for example, and with a push of a button, you’ll be presented with 25 of the best images spanning the entire event from the beginning to end! Another time-saving opportunity for both your clients and your business.

All this adds up to time savings in your post-process workflow enabling you to engage more often and more quickly with your clients!

The sooner you respond to clients, the better.  Consumer buying trends show that when emotions are running high (very early on in the sales cycle) print purchase sales are larger. Quickly responding with the best images will significantly improve sales results.  It can be tempting to provide entire image sets to clients and let them perform the selection of the best images. However, we have learned from professional photography consumers that this is more of a disservice that neglects to place you in the professional advisor role.  Simply put, too many choices is no choice at all!  

And more time savings…

Select makes it easy to quickly cull images but there are additional tools within Select that can help expedite the rest of your post process workflow.  You probably work with several different subsets of images:

  • A complete set for the client as part of their package
  • A smaller set for showcasing in an online gallery solution
  • A sneak peek set for client previews, an album out of 80-100 images
  • A few for use on social media

Simply enter the desired # of image selections into Select (and optionally use star rating and keywords) to create just the group you need to take with you to editing, allowing you to work with all your best photos or a certain subset to get the job done quickly!

After trying Select for yourself, let us know the how culling was made easier for you! From grouping duplicate photos to selecting the best photos to representing the entire event, Select removes the pain points in the culling process.

At Kodak Professional we are on a mission to make culling fun, one happy photographer at a time!

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